Moving Target

Roger Corman/Showtime


Ray travels from America to Ireland to meet Alice, the love he met online. When buying her a present, he accidentally takes the wrong package, which he discovers contains detonators for a bomb that were destined for the IRA. Ray finds himself caught in the crossfire between the police, the FBI and the IRA, and has to fight his way out.

Starring 11-time World Kickboxing Champion Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson (Batman Forever, Bloodfist I-VIII), Terry McMahon (Batman Begins, The Suicide Club)


Written by Paul Ziller
Produced by Roger Corman
Directed by Paul Ziller
Director of Photography: Yoram Astrakhan
Music Composed by Derek Gleeson
Edited by Kevin Lavelle

Cast: Don 'The Dragon' Wilson, Hilary Kavanagh, Bill Murphy, Terry McMahon