• Pursuit

    Feature Film, An Pointe Productions/TV3

    An Irish crime thriller starring Liam Cunningham and Brendan Gleeson. An arranged marriage between warring crime families goes wrong when the bride to be wrestles back control of her life and kicks off a deadly pursuit.

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  • An Old Fashioned Christmas

    MOW, Hallmark Channel

    This film continues the story of An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving, the Hallmark film based on the short story by American novelist Louisa May Alcott (Little Women.) Isabella and Tilly pay a visit to Ireland, hoping Isabella’s long-ago suitor, the Earl of Shannon, can assist Tilly in getting her writing published. Jacqueline Bisset (Nip/Tuck, Bullitt) and… | Read on »

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  • A Butte, Montana Story

    1-hour Documentary, TG4

    America’s richest mining town was built by heroic Irish men who risked their lives miles below the surface at the turn of the century. Thousands of men flocked to the mid-western boom town in the 1900s because the wages in the copper, gold and silver mines were the highest in the New World. But it… | Read on »

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  • The Crisis

    Half-hour single-cam Political Comedy, Wildfire FIlms/TG4

    A 6-part comedy-drama series for TG4. Setanta De Paor has been acting director of an obscure Irish language organisation called ACT for 10 years. With the country in the midst of a financial crisis, the mild mannered Setanta and his incompetent team now face immediate closure from an old government foe and his fierce sidekick…. | Read on »

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  • My Phone Genie

    Half-hour Teen Dramedy, CITV/ZDF

    11 year-old Jasmine downloads a genie app to her phone, but little does she realise she now has control of Gene, a real-life genie who appears to solve, but ususally adds to her problems. Join Jaz, Naoko and Mobbsy on their fun adventures with Gene. Starring Fox Jackon-Keen (Billy Elliott, stage) Christine Mackie (Downton Abbey).

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Kevin Lavelle My latest feature film, “PURSUIT” was released in Irish Theatres and on DVD in 2015, to much acclaim:

It's an "Impeccably Acted Gangster Film" wrote The Irish Times while The Sunday Times wrote the performances were "Excellent... Utterly Convincing".

For twenty years my work has been broadcast around Europe, as well as on Showtime, Discovery Kids and the Hallmark Channel in the US. Nominated for Best Editing at the Irish Film and Television Academy Awards for “Starfish”, projects I've edited have also won awards and nominations in Ireland and Europe: including teen dramedy "Aifric", honoured as "Best Youth Programme" three years in a row by the Irish Academy.

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In Progress

  • Home and Away: A Season of Hope

    Reconnaissance Pictures/Cabin 21 Sound

    A feature documentary by Marielle Brinda. Wherever life takes us, sports has the power to bring us back home. Just ask Lebron James, Marielle's fellow Ohian.

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