My Phone Genie

Half-hour Teen Dramedy, CITV/ZDF


11 year-old Jasmine downloads a genie app to her phone, but little does she realise she now has control of Gene, a real-life genie who appears to solve, but ususally adds to her problems. Join Jaz, Naoko and Mobbsy on their fun adventures with Gene.

Starring Fox Jackon-Keen (Billy Elliott, stage) Christine Mackie (Downton Abbey).


Created by Lee Walters
Produced by John Brady, Siobhán Ní Ghadhra
Directed by Jeff Naylor, Tom Poole
Director of Photography Billy Keady
Music Composed by Nick Ryan
Edited by Kevin Lavelle, James Finlan

Cast: Adam Wandsworth, Bessie Cursons, Haruka Abe, Fox Jackon-Keen, Heather Nicol, Ethan Hammer, Christine Mackie, Lothaire Gerard, Lauterio Zamparelli